Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fire Protection | Some Things To Be Aware Of With Heat Sources

Fire protection is a necessary practice to ensure that your home is safe and sound from the ravages that a fire can enact upon your living space. Heat sources are notorious for this. Devices such as fire places and furnaces must be properly monitored. Therefore we bundled up some tips for you to go by to help ensure that your house does not become a statistics in a home disaster. Let's begin now shall we?


The following is some common sense stuff but nevertheless we should still tell you because it's our duty to keep you educated on every method of fire protection out there. With smoking here are some of the things to make sure that you take care of when in the privacy of your own home. First thing never smoke in your bed one little ash can create a whole nightmare if it lands on your sheet. If you're totally fatigued you should probably wait until the next morning to have a cigarette. Your ashtray should be big and have a large capacity but still be sure to throw out the ashes constantly. Always make sure when disposing ashes that you wet them and the butts as well.


For space heaters never leave one running when you are not in the room. You'll definitely want to make sure that they stay at a minimum distance of three feet from anything that could catch fire. This includes things like curtains and so on. With both the furnace and space heater never put anything like flammable materials, papers and fabrics. Your furnace installation should be handled by a professional and looked before every season that it'll be in use. Extension cords with space heaters are also a no-no, this is due to their high level of power that they put out which can potentially lead to a fire. After all this article is about fire protection right? Therefore we want to let you know what'll help make that less of a likelihood.


Be careful with a fireplace, that should go without saying but sometimes people may forget that they're intentionally bringing a fire into their house so therefore it has to be handled with responsibility and care. The first thing you want to make sure is that you don't put anything that can catch fire near the fireplace. This is stuff like paper materials, or kindling wood. Your chimney should be inspected thoroughly so no build up exists. With gas fireplaces make sure you light the match before gas is turned on.


This is definitely an essential appliance in your household but it too is subject to fire protection. Here's some things to do combat against it. Dryers must have their venting system run to the outside and not stay inside your dwelling. Proper maintenance of the airway in your dryer must be kept up by cleaning it out. Never put any heat retaining materials in your dryer. This include rubber, plastic, foam and synthetic made fabrics.

In all, it's important to be aware of fire protection when dealing with what some people think are merely simple things but always be aware and have a healthy respect for what's around you. In the end it could save your life.

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