Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fire Protection | Sprinkler Systems

The technology that has created the fire protection solution known as sprinkler systems dates back to 1874 in New Haven, CT. Since that time the technology remains very basic but yet stays very important as a means to help protect people and structures from the ravages of flame. We can’t be grateful enough for this invention due to its accurate and necessary role in fire safety.

Sprinkler systems have come in more than one form over the years and we’ll explain a bit about them. For starters you have automatic sprinklers. These types work at a temperature that is already set to activate once that temperature is reached. This is achieved when a device such as a bulb or other catalyst is melted and releases a substance which enables the flow of water to start. From there a deflector is activated in the system and the water flow continues.

Today’s sprinkler’s typically go in a down direction. Most of these sprinkler systems operate one by one in a few. This is in contrast to what most people may think however there are setups that do allow for an entire sprinkler system to activate but that is only if it’s necessary to do so. The open orifice sprinklers are used a little differently and you only see them occur in a water spray setup or deluge sprinkler. There is no temperature detection on these so therefore the level of degrees is not a factor.

Another thing to make note of with the automatic fire sprinklers that use a bulb is that there is a color code that goes into how their temperature of operation works. The temperatures are set to work with what kind of hazard is particularly going on. The system gauges the severity of the situation and its acts from there.

Therefore the actual number of sprinklers that are going to work at the same time depends on how many are near the fire that is occurring at the time. It’s definitely a technology that has been well thought out and has gotten only better with time without getting too fancy. It does its job that much we can definitely say.

Today’s world definitely still relies on them as a means of fire protection and the device never ceases to do its job and do it well. Many residential areas such as apartment buildings also utilize the use of sprinkler systems. Other public buildings definitely make sure to have sprinklers installed as well.

This coupled with fire extinguishers make for a very formidable setup in the event a fire wants to rage its way through. Now while we won’t argue with you that getting blasted with sprinklers may not be something you want but we’re sure it’s something you’d rather have happen than the alternative.

Hey, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. In this case we’ll gladly go that route with sprinkler systems since they are an invaluable means of fire safety. No doubt about it. In the end, it’s one of the most reliable methods of fire protection out there.

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